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Originally Posted by Giggler View Post
The commentary from the review about the busy suspension and iDrive7 being difficult told me the reviewer was lacking seat time to fully understand the car... Probably had the suspension set aggressive and the iDrive has a learning curve that requires time to understand. I guarantee the same reviewer would be whistling a different tune if they had to live with the M340 for a month of commutes.

Important note to anyone researching buying between the two cars:

The price discrepancy is completely overstated when you start optioning the two cars out and researching the market. For starters, some of the extras in the review place the M340i beyond what the G70 offers. So cancel those options to make it an apples-to-apples comparison.

The M340i comes standard with a sports package and lots of other equipment for a base $54K. On the other hand, you need to take a base G70 and add the $5,600 sport package like they did in the review to make the cars anywhere near comparable. Now you need to take the base M340i and add premium package, driving assistance, 19" performance wheels, premium leather/ambient lighting, dynamic suspension, and park distance to make it a $51,245 vs $60,750 apples to apples comparison. Now head over to truecar and do market research on what sort of deal you can expect to get. There's less margin in the G70... with good negotiating skills, expect to pay 49.5K for the aforementioned G70 and expect to pay $55.5K for the aforementioned M340i. So the price discrepancy on average is $6K for a clearly superior car.

This constantly mentioned price discrepancy is a load of crap peddled by Genesis apologists who can't accept that their car, based on it's own merits, cannot stand up to BMW's latest engineering effort. Knowledge is power.
This is what no one mentioned until 5 pages into this thread. This is the real world price difference and shatters C&D main point. For 6k it's essentially a wash and you get the BMW hands down. I tested both and was really tempted by the G70 for about a weekend until I really looked at the numbers. The phrase "it's a no brainer" really fits here. If 6k breaks the deal than you should be looking at a different segment all together or the used market.