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You have to check out the car and driver article to know why people are reacting this way. They did a side by side instrumented test, in which the g20 m340i performed significantly better in nearly every metric. The author then goes on to say that the m340i handled better, has engineering on a whole other level, and is an athletic feeling car to drive. Then at the end they recommend the g70 because it's "cheaper" and probably good enough for the average slob who doesn't know good engineering from his a$& anyway - or something to that effect. It's nonsense, and frankly, suggests that c&d has been receiving envelopes from kia.
You guys are having trouble understanding the point of the article. 80% is gushing about how good the BMW is and 20% is about how "almost as good" the G70 is. As for the conclusion, they never said they recommend the G70. This is the "bottom line"

All things being equal, you have to pick the BMW M340i here. It’s significantly quicker, its powertrain is more refined, and it has the richer interior, larger back seat, and bigger trunk. But all things aren’t equal. Our BMW test car cost the price of a new Nissan Versa more than the Genesis, and it’s the G70 that rides better and has more than enough performance and handling for 90 percent of drivers 95 percent of the time.
They never recommend the G70. They give the reader two options: the best car, or the best value. That's it.
I think we understand the article fine, and it is not as black and white as you say. Their statements in "The Bottom Line" that say "but all things are not equal" and "a price difference the BMW struggles to overcome" make it pretty clear that they think the G70 is the better buy once price is taken into account.

I think a lot of us disagree with that. We believe the M340 easily justifies the price difference because it is a much better car (C&D admit that), and also because their price difference is not telling the whole story once you take into account the deals you can get and that most people lease. For me, even putting deals and leasing aside, the M340 easily justifies the initial $12k MSRP difference, because it is that much better!