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Originally Posted by tehvantes View Post
They did show a dyno chart, and did say it was because of some missed calibration basically, but, conveniently, it was very few models that would have been impacted by it, like most likely less than 500.

I could see this being true to a degree, but you know, waaaaaay overblown.
We never saw a dyno without a tune putting down 400whp. It would have certainly been helpful if they had shown that one.

They showed a dyno making 346whp and one making 338whp with an explanation that an update reduced it from 346whp to 338whp. Thats a difference of just 8 hp. They claim the car made 400whp originally but don't have a dyno of it ( ).

They showed a datalog that translates to what they say is 395whp - but I'm not really sure how to read it myself.

Why not a dyno?

But, I don't know what the reason they have for making this up is. Their tune is impressive with or without the claim that it had 395whp originally and now it only has 338whp.