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Drive the M5 during a launch event on track and it was really quite linear and very comfortable - a little boring actually. So I totally agree that a standard automatic suits this large sedan quite nicely.

No doubt the new M3 will sell on BHP and 0-60 numbers alone and in large quantities. But no way the enthusiast segment will jump on this. That may not mean anything to BMW though and I accept that.

There are too many options in this segment which offer an overall better package if the M3/4 offers a similar driving experience to them.

I'm still hopeful the CS or CSL variant might continue with a DCT. Time will tell.

If I can find an M4 GTS pop up I'll be jumping on that and keeping it long term to replace my CS.

The CS and GTS were absolute perfection on this platform (with the exception that the GTS should have been named the CSL lol). The last of a dying breed of car.