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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
As I have posted many times in this thread, I drove a C63S and a 2020 X3M Comp (with the "M-tuned" ZF8) just last month. I put both of them in the 'full-on sport' settings, and tried to drive them using the paddles.

The C63S was *OK*...(not as nice as the M4 DCT) but you should be aware that that's a multi-clutch transmission (MCT), not a slushbox. It shifted when I wanted it to, but the 8-spd box made it hard to avoid the rev limiter.

The X3M Comp was just dreadful to drive when not in 'full auto' mode. Sluggish downshifts combined with turbo lag, little audio feedback and 8-spd close ratios makes it a frustrating experience.

As an M5 driver, you're clearly comfortable with the heavy GT muscle car thing. I respect your preference. But I'm personally not interested in driving an M car in 'full auto' mode.
I have driven my F90 less than 20 miles in auto mode, I only use manual mode and will continue to drive it that way. Compared to my F10 M5 which I NEVER used manual mode because the shifts sucked in manual mode. The shifts are anything but sluggish with the new setup. In contrast I was shocked by how quickly the transmission reacted relative to my previous M vehicles.

I put 20K +miles on my M4 and M5 with DCT so I have a very good idea of how those transmissions function. I have owned all of them, not just a simple 10 minute test drive. Just because you drove an X3M doesn't mean that it will have any relation to the G8x. Software is everything now and any sort of feel, shift speed, reaction times, etc can and will be tuned based on the target buyer.

Your comment that I am "OK with the heavy GT muscle car thing" assumes that I want a German Camaro, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I value lightweight cars and some of my favorites were my '85 911, e90 M3 and current Civic Type R. Your thinking that the current or future M3/4 is some sort of lightweight performance vehicle is way off the mark. Any current M car is very far removed as a driving experience compared to something truly light weight and simple. Go drive a 996/997 GT3 compared to a 997.2 GT3, it is a night a day experience regarding involvement, feedback, etc. Unfortunately it is endemic in vehicles across the industry.