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Originally Posted by Salespunk View Post
I have driven my F90 less than 20 miles in auto mode, I only use manual mode and will continue to drive it that way. Compared to my F10 M5 which I NEVER used manual mode because the shifts sucked in manual mode. The shifts are anything but sluggish with the new setup. In contrast I was shocked by how quickly the transmission reacted relative to my previous M vehicles.
Do you short shift before the redline? ZF8 is good for cruising about town and shifting way before the redline in manual mode but it has a noticeable delay when shifting at redline WOT. Downshifts are also configured very "safe" compared to DCT which lets to downshift right near the redline.

Originally Posted by Salespunk View Post
I put 20K +miles on my M4 and M5 with DCT so I have a very good idea of how those transmissions function. I have owned all of them, not just a simple 10 minute test drive. Just because you drove an X3M doesn't mean that it will have any relation to the G8x. Software is everything now and any sort of feel, shift speed, reaction times, etc can and will be tuned based on the target buyer.
That's very different experience from what I had with N55 M2 DCT or F90 M5. M2 DCT was perfectly smooth in every shift mode and shifts were instant on mode 3 unlike F90 M5 which has that 0.3 second pause before the next shift is engaged. The only acceptable iteration of ZF8 was M240i but even that one didn't fare so well on track.
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