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Originally Posted by kyrix1st View Post
People often mention M235i racing transmission as comparison but that one has the torque converter removed in order to save weight so it is not the same transmission the street version gets.
Also note that M240i racing is now being replaced by M2 CS racing. If the transmission was so good and "reliable" we'd see more of them racing but they just are not.
Thankyou for this. I saw it mentioned on the GT3 thread that M235iR and M240iR racing variants were shipped with a modified 7 speed ZF8 box and wondered if anybody had technical details. Not much in the way of specifics here: - it goes into bizarre detail like what model of fire extinguisher, but doesn't even mention the transmission! (maybe there is service information in

If they removed the torque converter, changed the ratios so that a gear change actually made a noticeable difference, and fixed the lag then it's possible that it would be just fine. If so, I want *this* version on my the G8x.

Has anybody actually driven one of these variants? Or heard feedback on how they drove? (not very reassuring that they replaced it with an M2CS - with DCT)

Update: This page suggests that the comment on the GT3 thread was BS.
The M2 Competition road car has a 405hp S55 engine from the M3/M4, 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, and Active M differential. The M240i – and its associated Racing version – have the 335hp N55 engine, 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, and standard clutch-type M Performance limited slip differential.
The M235iR .... with endurance-spec brakes, a transmission that can’t be “money shifted”, and relatively benign handling, it’s an ideal car for endurance use when dealing with varying drivers.

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