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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
Very interesting video. Some obsevations below:

They explicitly mention addressing a lot of the issues that many of us have with the ZF8 in existing BMW cars (i.e. not downshifting at high speeds).

The video states that they removed the torque converter. (probably a bit clunky setting off from a standing start!)

It mentions making the ratios *closer* -- so all the gears are useful on a track (probably shoots the fuel efficiency numbers ;-)

With 8 closely spaced ratios, it's unclear whether they are still expecting the driver to do the shifting- you'd need to do several rapid downshifts going into many corners at the tracks I drive. The video doesn't show anybody using the paddles. It does have a driver claiming that he "wouldn't have known it was a automatic" and was pleasantly surprised. (they obviously wouldn't interview a driver who said anything else though) What did he think he was driving? (a sequential manual?)

The web page also mentions the Porsche PDK gearbox, and a racing version for the Cayman. It's not clear to me how this is related to the BMW 235iR box. Are they implying that they also make the PDK? Are they suggesting it's the same? Is it all a matter of software?

Anyway ... it's clear you can make a better ZF8 ... but is this really what they will put in the G8x ?
It just means GT4 clubsport uses PDK which ZF manufactures.

I don’t see the reason they would use ZF8 TC auto for G8x if it is “as clunky” as M235 racing. They’d just put the latest, fastest iteration of DCT back in.

Towards the end of the video, the racer also mentions “he could use faster shifts”, implying that even with all the modifications, it probably isn’t up to typical motorsport standards.
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