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I think I figured out part of the differences in opinion here. The ZF8 is adaptive in its reaction times. If I shift during normal driving the transmission takes longer to react and the shift does not complete for as much as a 1/4 second. During full throttle situations is reacts faster and the complete shift occurs before the shifter/paddle returns to the neutral position.

One other important piece is to differentiate between reaction time and shift times. Shift times are very quick with the ZF8, but the reaction times can be slow or fast depending on the situation.

Either way the ZF is not a visceral as the DCT due to both programming (designed for near zero break in TQ application) and the mechanical nature of DCT. This is disappearing from almost every vehicle in every input (steering, shifting, brakes, throttle, ride quality). It is not unique to the M3 or even BMW.
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