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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
I guess my adverse reactions from driving ZF8 cars is that having the car second guess when I want a fast shift is really annoying. It isn't just when I have the throttle pedal nailed to the floor... in fact, it's most likely when I'm braking into a corner and need the shift to happen before turn-in, or when I'm thinking about overtaking and want to be in a responsive gear *before* I hit the gas. Both of these situations are *downshifts* and not full-throttle (though I guess some people are happy to rely on kickdown for the overtaking scenario - personally it scares the $hit of of me to mash the throttle and not know when the car is going to start moving).
you are not alone in this world! I want to overtake downshifting myself, not slamming the pedal and hoping for the best