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Well said NickyC....

Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Tell me about it, it's so sad. Want to know how dumb I am? The first time I ever watched an F1 race live was in Monaco in the late 90s. I was in the city itself and being in my early 20s and knowing everything, I sat there with no ear protection on. When the cars came by for the first time, the sound was so incredibly loud it almost made me vomit. I had vertigo for the next 10-15 minutes and thought I had lost my hearing. I had never heard anything that loud prior, nor have I heard anything that loud since. The only thing close was near the end of turn 1 at the start of the race when they used to run F1 at Indy, but by then I was smart enough to have heavy duty ear protection on. It's almost impossible to relate to somebody the sound unless you experience it live, I didn't think anything could be that damned loud.

Nothing will ever sound like the V10s again, and that makes me very sad.
Off-topic for this thread's Spanish GP talk, but on-topic regarding race car noise....I posted this in the "facts about top fuel dragsters" thread in this Professional Motorsports section....I know it's long, but this is my account of a life-long dream to stand at the start line of an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster launch....

Top Fuel Dragsters....
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Alas, Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey has closed the drag strip. Each year I loved packing up as many as my friend's kids I could get for the Night of Thrills. I brought plenty of headsets and earplugs. The first time someone sees a funny car or top fueler launch, is something to behold. You tell them it's gonna be LOUD (even with the protection) and the ground will shake. And when it happens, it's still a surprise. And if there was a jet car or Robosourus that was icing on the cake.

Nothing like a drag strip pit for kids to get close to the cars and we always went home full of food that was bad for us and t-shirts that the kids were never allowed to wear again. Sure, the World of Outlaws is good but there is nothing like the launch of a funny car except maybe a Shuttle or Falcon Heavy liftoff.


PS-Even the Thunderbirds over the beach don't compare and that too is a great show. And Leo (RIP) at the Sussex Airshow gone too. Just composing this post makes me sad.

Well said -
I've followed professional level drag racing for 50+ yrs; I've always dreamed of what it would be like to actually stand at the start line when the fastest accelerating vehicles on earth....LAUNCH; i was given this opportunity at the 2018 Pacific Northwest Nationals when the NHRA CRAZIES came to town....when I was allowed to be a guest on one of the Top Fuel Dragster teams for the entire the dragster completed it's burnout to warm the tires and lay down a fresh patch of rubber (they back up and place the car in the tracks they just laid)....and the competitor's car did the same, my eyes were burning from the massive amounts of unburned nitromethane billowing out of the zoomie headers....I was wearing full-blown hearing protection...I was standing directly behind the beast and about 20 feet back....looking at the two packed parachutes and a rear wing that creates over 4,000 lbs of downforce when they achieve terminial velocity of appx 330 MPH....when the burnout to warm the tires occurred, i was hit by large amounts of micro-small rubber pellets that were being thrown off of the tires....and then, both beasts slowly rolled forward until the front bicycle-type wheels touched a light beam that brings on one blue light on the starting light "tree"....this is a pre-staged condition....and then the driver slowly rolls forward again (about 12 inches) until a second blue light is lit on the this point, the beast is perfectly this point, the NHRA Chief Starter pushes a button and the the appx 5 yellow lights on the tree turn on all at one time and it is exaclty 4/10's of a second until the green "go" light turns on....when the driver releases the hand brake lever and smashes the throttle and the beast moves, this breaks the light beam at the front wheels and the elapsed time count begins on how long it takes for the beast to break the light beam at the finish line, which provides the total Elapsed Time to cover the 1,000 ft; if the driver leaves before the green light turns on, a red light turns on on the tree which states you moved the car before the green light turned on and you are disqualified....back to my story of standing behind these beasts....I knew the sound and visceral excitement would be unbelievable, but I was not prepared for the massive NOISE and the massive CONCUSSION that occurred when both beasts was one of those nano-second moments in life when an explosion has occurred and your mlnd says you should run for your life in the opposite direction from where you are standing....the noise concussion and the massive amount of air concussion coming from the beast; it's impossible to explain how unreal it is to see a vehicle move that quickly from a starting doesn't seem possible; the story gets more adrenalin-insane when the car I was with that weekend got to the finish line at appx 320 MPH AND BOTH PARACHUTES DID NOT really can't see the deceleration area and wasn't sure if the driver got the beast slowed down before running off into the last-chance sand trap....the carbon/carbon rear brakes (no brakes on the front wheels) got the beast stopped before disaster at the deceleration end of the track....I'll never forget this experience.
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