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BMW quitting WEC after Le Mans 2019

BMW has announced they are quitting WEC after Le Mans 2019. They are last in the championship and the only marque to not have won a race. I hope this means they have realized BMW is far from the avenues that made it successful with previous cars and will hopefully get back to actually racing instead of just marketing. The M8 has underperformed and I will give them credit for pulling the plug at a fairly early stage instead of continuing to limp around at the back of the pack. The previous M6 was somewhat competitive, had a few race wins, but was still not a championship winning car. The Z4 before that was similar. It had circuits that it was better suited for, but was not an all around race-winning car. The e92 M3 was the last great sports car that BMW produced winning the ALMS championship in 2011 and racking up multiple race wins. Instead of producing a new model to market on the race track every few years, maybe they should actually try sticking to a single model and evolving/developing the model for racing.