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I'm pretty disappointed. The M6/M8 are big cars sure and that comes with drag that hurts top speed but it also comes with a natural driving style, easy to drive at the limit, and well less likely to be involved in an incident.

Personally I hope BMW is less worried about the M6/M8 and more annoyed with WEC. The races are empty and obviously WEC BoP isn't doing BMW any favors. I really only watch at this point for BMW M8. P1 is dead and GT AM is a bit lacking.

But in my mind the M6/M8 V8s are excellent race engines on an excellent platform. They won't win easily on mulsanne straight but when the weather gets crazy thé Big chassis is the one to be in and they really are super easy to drive compare to a 911 or Lambo or the old Z4.

Daytona 24 hour win is a big deal and I really would like to see M8 live a full life in GTE/GTLM. Hopefully this decision is reconsidered after the next year season is over and WEC has proper top class racing again. BMW should be at Le Mans.

I do wonder if the M8 will get a GT3 treatment or if they will opt for M4?

M240i race
M6 GT3

M6 is oop and M4 soon will be replaced. M240i is essentially brand new. Z4 was apparently denied the wavers by IMSA/wec competitors to be the next GT car so I doubt we see it.