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I hope this experience is of use to some of you. My 320d has just had its first service at 12,835 miles (which was about 200 miles before it was due, according to the dash warning).

I took it in for a key read at my BMW main dealer, when the service warning first came up, who confirmed that the service warning was accurate (the normal service interval should be 18,000 miles). They explained that if I had been doing many short journeys, which I had over lockdown, the service interval would be reduced. There is an oil sensor which measures the quality of the oil which determines the service interval.

They quoted me 280.81 for a first service, which entails an oil change, and oil filter and a pollen filter. Thinking back, I'm assuming that that included VAT, but I didn't specifically ask.

I balked at that a bit and took it to my local garage.

Their bill came to 272.43!

This is what it needed (using genuine BMW parts).

B83.21.2.465.854 BMW LL-04 0W-30W Oil 6LTRS @ 14.58 = 87.48
B11.428.575.211 Oil Filter 17.04
B64.11.9.382.886 Pollen Filter 61.25

Plus 1.25 hours labour @ 49 per hour = 61.25.

Net 227.02
VAT 45.41

TOTAL 272.43.

So, either BMW supply non-main dealers product at a higher price than they supply to main dealers, or BMW main dealers charge labour at about 49 per hour.

Either way, the saving from going local (and this is a garage I have complete faith in, in terms of honesty and service), was negligible.

I looked into a BMW service plan, but that was an absolute arm and a leg.