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Originally Posted by Ikester19 View Post
Slowly beginning to accept the larger grilles but it's not something I really admire. Saw one at the local dealer and thought it was 'okay', wasn't inspired to rush out and buy one anytime soon.
I saw a couple of 4-series at a local dealer also. My reaction was that all this grill talk is much to do about nothing. The grill itself is not that huge. It's not like a Lexus. It's just shaped and oriented differently. Do I like it? I dunno. It's a grill. The overall car looks good including the grill. I actually think the back needs some more lines or something to make it more aggressive. But it looks good.

Looks aside, how does an M440 drive compared to the M340? Especially steering feel and handling? Is the difference noticeable or splitting hairs?
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