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Originally Posted by Bambazonke View Post
Good day all those software gurus

I have the above software and every thing was working as normal until a few days ago

I had a Windows 10 update on my PC and since then every time i start the program the PC clock reverts back to a certain date & time. The software appears to run ok but as soon as i change the date/time to the current time the program freezes and is unable to load files etc I then have to use Task Manager to close it. I think it may have something to do do with the Java software as it appears there is a new version that was installed with the windows update

I have tried contacting the Vendor on eBay without much luck and uninstalling the program and the base E-Sys program and then reinstalling it but to no avail.
Any assistance would be much appreciated
I don't have this problem? Can you roll back the update? Try installing it on a VM on the same machine to see if that makes a difference
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