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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
If the DCT is removed from the M2 as well I suspect it’s neither cost cutting or spa moms that drive the change but the same reason as for all other drivers car aspect removed so far ( NA high revving engines, HPS ) I.e. fuel efficiency. The DCT is a thirsty toy, 7 speed with rather low gearing at the top gear. Maybe the MT is partly to blame, the DCT was sacrificed to get an acceptable G8X mpg average...
AFAIK, all of the efficiency regulations (at least in Europe) apply to a fleetwide average of the cars of large manufacturers?

Also, since when did an M owner care about fuel efficiency? (at least in the US, where I still laugh at how cheap fuel is compared to the UK every time I fill up!) I get through most of a tank of gas in a 20 minute session at the track - average mpg is about 2.3!

Range anxiety is sometimes a little more of a problem though... especially when driving through the desert. (though I find that 7th gear on the DCT is plenty high enough for cruising)