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No expert but let me give this a shot

Coding refers to reprogramming the on-board computer to turn on/off factory accessories or maybe have them function in a different manner. Examples would included (but are certainly not limited to) Turn signals that you code to flash 4 times instead of 3. Turning off seat belt chime, turning on or off side marker lights the list goes on and on. A popular coding tool is bimmercode (which can be found in the app store)

Aforementioned aside what you are asking about is tuning your car to make more power. This is accomplished either via piggyback device or a reflash of your cars DME (computer that controls engine parameters)...this is what you are asking about. So can your car be turned into a 330? No not really, but can your car be tuned to make power comparable to a 330 or more? Yes

Popular Piggyback manufactures include: Burger Performance (JB+, JB4 etc.), RaceChip, Dinan (there are many others)

Popular Flash Tunes include: Mission Performance, ProTuningFreaks (BM3 etc..), MHD (there are many others)

I'm in the U.S. - there are European based tuners but their names escape me (RaceChip is in Europe)

I hope this helps get you started on your quest for more power :-)