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Originally Posted by EyeGuy View Post
Just curious what you didnt like about the golf r. I was looking in to purchasing as my next car.
Didn't like the seats too much, that seems to be an arguing point between R owners. I'm not personally fond of the vinyl like material they used for the seats, wasn't extremely comfortable and often causes my back to sweat (which doesn't happen in other cars). Ironically I traded it in for an M3 CS so I made a 3 hour trip to drive the Golf R north to trade it in and a 5 hour drive back home (lots of traffic at one point) with the CS. The CS honestly feel like it was a creamier ride, it ironed out the bumps a lot more compared to the Golf which was a little bit more fiddly? Jiggly? Didn't iron out the small bumps as much, so even in comfort mode it's a bit meh.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun car on the canyons, auto-crossing I'm sure it's hilariously good fun, but it just wasn't ideal. Turbo lag is going to be an issue for some as well likely.