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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
I have a bad feeling that side profile will be similar to the 2GC, hopefully though, the range will actually be close to BMW's estimates.
To me the most significant characteristic of the 2GC affecting its aesthetics is the fact that it's built on a FWD platform. That gives it an ungainly, front heavy stature due to the larger front overhang, short hood, and unfavorable wheelbase to length ratio.

I know that there are some particular folks in these parts whose senses are tuned to become offended by all manner of styling details that don't make me think twice, so maybe I am making it too simple. But I feel like when it comes to the looks of the vehicles the biggest difference between the 8GC - a design which I like quite a bit - and the 2GC is the platform they're built on.

All of that is to say that, because the i4 is built on the RWD CLAR platform, I can't imagine it being anywhere near the disaster the 2GC is. And in fact, I suspect it will be look much more like the 8GC. The exception, of course (and its a big one), is the grill which we already know is going to be very large and very polarizing.