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Originally Posted by tetsuo111 View Post
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The norm has become "let's knee-jerk a negative comment to every post".

This is a great vehicle with incredible features and incredibly excited to see this!
Congratulations! You found satisfaction here. These are new cars, designed, built and sold by new people, for a new kind of customer.

On the other hand, former BMW customers (like me), are abandoning the brand as fast as rats from a sinking ship. Why? Simply because the attributes that distinguished the brand from the mass market (understated and sophisticated styling, lightweight handling dynamics, RWD, high-revving NA motors) are absent in current BMW products.

If I was interested in a 5,000 lbs electric brick like iNext, I would probably be reading the Prius forums.
You mean 5000 like a Model S?

You are welcome to not come back to Bimmerpost, yet you keep coming back.
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