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Originally Posted by tetsuo111 View Post
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You mean 5000 like a Model S?

You are welcome to not come back to Bimmerpost, yet you keep coming back.
I'm rarely here. I wouldn't normally inject negatives into the discussion, but I can't help myself when the new crowd celebrates product like this. It's like viewing a train wreck in slow motion.

My forums today are focused on Ducati motorcycles and mid-engine 'Vettes. It's a slow day.
You have to celebrate progression and innovation and not be stuck in the 70s. This new vehicle is a very exciting release that places BMW as a true competitor in the EV market unlike the test mule i3 did. If you don't find that exciting, like a said before, feel free to move on.

The BMW crowd has been waiting for a while for a true Tesla competitor from BMW .

This "new" guy has owned 12 BMWs in the last 16 years.
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