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Originally Posted by clee1982 View Post
in the States, I think it's a bit premature if you ask me..., it has consequence, but at least data so far shows it does not impact young and healthy
It is not fatal for young/healthy for the most part, but there is still a large part of that population that will have complications. For the elderly/high risk it is a completely different story. Fatality rates are 8%+ in those populations.

Really the goal is to slow the spread so that the healthcare system does not get completely overloaded. They know it will run a full course and we can't stop it now, but if it takes 6 months instead of 6 weeks then the systems in place will be able to handle the load much better. I fully expect to see shutdowns on a large scale here in the next few weeks. Large events all over the world are being shut down and there are even discussions about cancelling the Olympics in Tokyo.