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Yeah, its getting kind of crazy here in the states as well. Yesterday I was reading on a local facebook group that Costco was crazy this last weekend. People were taking water bottles from pallets on the way to their spot. Running out of hand sanitizers, paper towels, etc...
It's all ridiculous.

There's no reason to make a run on water bottles. There's no risk of city water becoming compromised.

I've seen pictures of people loading up entire Costco grocery carts with toilet paper. Why do people all of the sudden think they're going to get long term explosive diarrhea.

The panic isn't so much about the Corona virus but more so in regards to grocery stores running out of goods and people panicking that they need to buy everything before someone else buys it all.

My wife is a MD. She's dreading going to work today to answer all the dumb questions. If you're not old, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.
I think its funny that people think reverse osmosis water is gonna help them fight the virus. If they were smart they'd be buying pedialyte and drink water that isn't stripped of all the minerals that will help give your body what it needs fight off a virus like this.
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