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Originally Posted by brad850csi View Post
I wonder how they are coming up with the 50% number.
I don’t know, but I appreciate you taking the time to list all current combinations. It gets even more complicated if we consider engine variants such as (and these aren’t all of them, just the ones I know off the top of my head) the B48 M1, O1, T1; B58 M1, O1; N63 M3, T3.

I think they’ve already said the three cylinder diesel (B37) and quad turbo six cylinder diesel (B57 S0) are ending production by next year. So those are definitely part of the 50%.

And do they still sell a G11 or G12 M760i with RWD in some regions? Not sure, but as you point out, we know it’s gone once the G70 arrives.

I suspect that you’re correct in concluding that a lot of this will come from the legacy UKL configurations that are soon to go away. Although, one wonders if the new MINI platform, which will no longer be shared with BMW, will end up adding some back in. Perhaps those are not being included. I suspect all vehicles on the platform will be PHEV or BEV anyway, so probably no diesels and probably no manual transmissions either.