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I can see diesel engines being eliminated over time, their place taken by electric motors. I see this in both Europe and North America. Europe will favorably tax electric vehicles through CO2 legislation, and North America will generally let the market prevail, with some consumers choosing a low CO2 and high "fuel efficiency" solution.

Gasoline engine future is not clear to me. When a technology, such as internal combustion, is threatened, the status quo works even harder to preserve it. I was attending conferences in the 1990s when the "death knell" of IC engines was claimed to have started. ICEs are still here, and will be for some time. Many billions of dollars are invested and many thousands of jobs are connected to IC engine design and manufacturing. ICE power density, fuel efficiency and emissions output is better than ever in history.

In North America, those who tow boats, RVs and such, and those who travel long distances regularly, likely will stick with ICEs until the bitter end.

Fully electric vehicles have a long way to go, possibly decades, to achieve the same level of performance on every measuring stick, vs ICE engines+fuel tanks.

Drivetrain (transmission and fwd/rwd/awd/4wd) is not germane to this discussion in my view. The industry is experiencing change in propulsion and energy storage technologies. Transferring torque to the tire-ground contact patch is a distant secondary consideration.

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