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Originally Posted by ParkNuts View Post
If none of you have driven the Model 3 Performance (I have), you owe it to yourself to see just what it feels like to drive a sporty electric car. I have an E90 M3 ZCP and will be making the move to electric. Absolutely shocking how quick and feature packed the car is. Sure, I'll miss my M but recognize what the future will be, and after getting a taste of it, I'm joining the pack.
My problem with the Model 3 performance is not the performance. The quality of the interior is just a turn off for me on all Tesla's especially in the back seat where it feels like a Civic.

I know its silly but man I spend a lot of time in the car and if I am spending $65k for a Model 3 or $100k for a Model S Performance I don't want it to feel so down market inside.

Driving them is another factor, I purely enjoyed driving the Model 3 Performance.