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Originally Posted by tennisfreak View Post
A bare bones Cayman S PDK is 3054lbs and equipped like a Supra easily over 3100lbs so its not like the Cayman is a featherweight.

Add in the Supra has a far far far better engine and is $20k cheaper than a stripper S model I'd say the Supra is doing pretty well for itself and the weight is easily forgivable.
The 981 or the 718?

Both engines are seemingly bulletproof these days....and the both Cayman versions have a rep as being one of the best pure sports cars on the road.

I'd much rather have a base Cayman 981 or 718 over the hideous looking Supra

Looks are subjective, so some may like it, but most think it's fugly af

Looks nothing like what they used for the's like one of those
Before and after pics of a meth user

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