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Great video!! With the m performance package and mppsk it will sound better then the c63 hands down. Plus it's faster but I still like the look of my 2018 f30 340i better then the g20!
LOL a current BMW sounding better than a C63!?!?! Dream on!

You're in very lonely company if you think the terrible F30 looks better than the G20
It's all a matter of opinion. I personally don't like the sound of c63 what so ever nor do I like the look of them. I also don't like the g20 look at all. I think it Looks like a Lexus not a bmw. Again, my opinion. Don't need to say I must be in lonely company that's rude. Pretty sure these forums are for discussion not for hating on and be littling people.
You don't like the sound of the C63?

You need to visit your doctor and get your hearing checked...

You must surely be in a very small minority! Even non-car people tell me mine sounds nice!
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