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You can watch this video which picks the M340i X-Drive over the AMG C43 4Matic (he should have compared the C43 sedan) or the Throttle House video where they both pick the AMG C43 over the M340i X-Drive and the Audi S4. Frankly, I trust the two drivers from Throttle House more. This guy is a newbie. I had a 2016 340i X-Drive (it was a great car), I have (wife's car actually) a 2019 X3 M40i, and now I drive a 2019 AMG C43. All these cars are great. BMW and Mercedes are really neck and neck in this 6 cylinder segment. Audi has fallen back from both BMW and Mercedes. Funny because 6 years ago that B8 Audi S4 was truly special with its V6 Supercharged engine , DSG, +sport diff.