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The light steering feel isn’t just the dynamic steering. I had a 2018 S5 for 4 months (before I took a bath by trading it in) and one of my major complaints was light steering — and I didn’t have the dynamic steering package.

FWIW, I loved the S5 on the test drive (as I was mostly enamored with the cross stitched leather seats and the virtual cockpit display), but it turned out to be a rattle trap that wasn’t fast, wasn’t terribly distinct from the A5 appearance wise, buggy virtual cockpit and MMI software, underwhelming B&O speakers, and just not fun to drive. Also, those awesome leather seats still cut corners — they are fabric on the side closest to the console. And my particular car kept making weird engine sounds.

In contrast, the 2018 C43 that I had (I took a bath on that one also) was an incredible car. It was luxurious, relatively fast for what it is, and pretty fun. I got out of it because I wanted back into an M after realizing the next class down isn’t for me, but I have a lot of respect for MB after driving that car for 8 months.