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Originally Posted by DocL View Post
The continuing $20k discount and new Indy Yellow still won't improve sales. I had a 2017 NSX up until last week that was a Lemon Law buyback. The original MSRP on my car was $206.5k. I got $52k off the sticker and then I got an amazing lease deal for 3/32k and only $0.20 per mile over. However customer service was terrible, and corporate Acura had little interest in dealing with customers like myself who had numerous problems with the car.

If anyone is interested in getting one, wait until the end of 2020 when hundreds will be coming off lease. I expect the resale value to be in the high $80's. Right now the MMR is around $118k for low mileage cars.

And of all the cars I chose to replace it with, was assuming a lease posted here on a 2018 M3. I should be a bonafide member/owner in two weeks.
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