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Originally Posted by Falafel Combo View Post
I disagree. They look sporty and unique.
Hmm, I don't like how you cut off what I said. I said:
So I also agree that flat bottom wheels are gimmicky. However, the RS4 steering wheel just looks awesome.
Gimmicky means a method to attract attention. It doesn't necessarily mean you don't like it or that it's not attractive. The wheel as a whole does look good, but you know very well the flat bottom was made to attract attention; to pretend that it is a sports car. It serves zero actual function. I'm not saying it doesn't look unique or sporty. I think it absolutely does. It's just like how fake vents or fake exhausts look sporty (though more people seem to rag on those).

Audi put it in there as a gimmick because it serves no practical function and is there purely as a design element. The flat bottom is not deep enough to make any meaningful difference for ingress/egress since the cars they're put in don't have full roll cages limiting space and also don't have race car seats with massive bolsters that get in the way.