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Originally Posted by GeniusAdam View Post
Yeah, there is not that many of them in Individual colours, probably due to the price premium on the paint. We had also one 320d in San Marino Blue.

Other Individual colours used on G20/G21 as far as I know are: Oxford Green, Peridot Green, Malachite Green, Verde Ermes, Verde Mantis Green, Urban Green (maybe two cars), Nardo Grey, Mexico Blue and I have seen one more Voodoo/Pure Blue (not sure which one it was though). Not counting the Tanzanite Blue and Dravit Grey.

I think Marina Bay would be really something unique on G20
Many people seem to be attracted by the green color! I admit that you can find a lot of different shades that are really nice We have examples on this forum.

Interestingly, in Switzerland, the San Marino Blue is way more expensive than the Marina Bay Blue. So even the money is not the main criteria (it's actually the color itself), it goes in the right direction.

Let's see if I don't change my mind...