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I just started a 10GB file from my home workstation on the wired network. We'll see how long that one takes.

UPDATE: 2GB after an hour. About the same speed as the upload from my laptop earlier.

UPDATE 2: The 10GB upload from home last night averaged about 2GB/hr. But this morning I uploaded a 2.8GB file from my office at the university and it took just 5 minutes. Considerable difference. Much of that can be attributed to the nature of the pipes to the internet. My home internet pipe is geared towards downloads. I get 50mb/s down and around 6mb/s up, supposedly, but I don't think it actually maintains that speed over a long run. The pipe at the university is much more balanced as far as up/down speeds and the upload pipe is much more consistent, even though the peak measured speed is similar.

In other words, YMMV.

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