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Originally Posted by DieGrüneHölle View Post
I would have fired him after 2009 counseling didn’t work, since he was still strangling his wife. If Zach was my brother in law and he was choking my sister, I would beat the sh*t out of him...then fire him.

This "loyalty" garbage is just smoke from a Buckeye homer who doesn't care about anything other than wins and losses. I guarantee you that if Coach Cryer drops a couple of games to Big Blue or doesn't win the Big 10 title for a couple seasons in a row, this same guy won't be boasting about loyalty, he'll be howling for a firing. Fans like this are a major reason why big-time college football and basketball have the problems they do right now. Zero accountability for their own as long as wins are piling up, and if a problem does occur, simply deflect and deny. It's truly pathetic.

Oh, and I wonder what Urban would've done if a man dating one of his daughters was even accused of such a crime? Doubt he'd have been looking to give that guy a second chance, no matter how long he'd known him or how big a "part of the family" he was. I don't know how Meyer can even look his own wife and daughters in the eye at this point. What a scumbag.