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The real question is when will the 0-60 time be "saturated".

As in when will enough is enough!?
When rocketman Elon Musk says so.
New Tesla roadster

0-60 in 1.9 seconds

8.8 1/4 mile

250mph top speed

620 mile range


I can't wait to see that thing shame hypercars and even megacars for a supercar price
Really? I have no interest in electric cars and don't really much care if they "beat" any of these.

There is no character to these electric vehicles, no soul. To me, part of the sports-car or any vehicle experience, is the sound of the engine and roar of the exhaust note along with the little quirks that are sometimes unique to that vehicle or model. If you take that away I feel like it also takes away the joy and connectedness that goes along with driving. Like taking away manual transmissions.

Yes, electric vehicles are fast but I don't think they appeal to all the senses like a combustion engine. I would be more likely to accept a hybrid sports car then full electric which to me, is the best of both worlds.
I would agree with hybrid sports cars being very relevant today.
And it would be the only way I would even consider driving a "semi-electric" vehicle. No way yet that I am even willing to consider electric for any vehicle and especially not a Tesla. My taste and opinion in cars was probably influenced a little too much by old BBC Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson...and unfortunately, that's not changing any time soon.