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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
So I don't ever see myself going over to the hard left. I think of myself as being in the middle. I am a fiscal conservative who believes in less and smaller government. I have no problem paying taxes for things such as health care, education, public safety and infrastructure. I think we should take care of societies vulnerable and I can't tolerate government waste.

The thing I find interesting in this whole left right debate currently is that the left (Liberals in Canada) used to sit in the centre, what they call right leaning and sometimes extreme right are now who's actually in the centre. The Conservative Party in Canada sits where the Liberals did 15 years ago. JFK the great Democrat and I mean that with honesty and respect would be considered a right winger by todays Democrats.

This could be an interesting discussion if the name calling can be kept in check.
I also could have written this post word for word (except the bits about Canadian government/politics). Well said, Grumpy!