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Yes, I voted for Trump in 2016. No, I will not vote for Trump in 2020. None of the Dem candidates currently in the race are as bad as Hillary, and her candidacy is the only reason I held my nose and voted for Trump.

I am constantly surprised how so many Trump supporters say that they find the man to be a deplorable and detestable human being, but will still vote for him again....! (I am glad to read that you are not...)
They are making a hypocritical rationalization that no matter how foul the person, whatever they have to do to get their way, makes it OK. To coin a well know phrase, essentially that "the ends justify the means….."

I refuse to accept that rationalization, where his supporters attempt to explain or justify Trump's awful and inappropriate behavior and selfish attitude with logical reasons. How can folks honestly say that they want to vote for Trump again, knowing now what we all now know about him and how he operates, ignoring the U.S. Constitution and constantly lying, proving daily that you cannot trust anything he says....?

I cannot separate the man and who he really is and how he acts, from what I consider to be the bare minimum qualifications to act as a competent public servant who truly wants to do what is in the best interest of ALL Americans. I want a President who I trust and am confident in their rational intelligence and thoughtful consideration of all the facts and options, who will ultimately not make a very stupid choice and/or decision(s) in a very real national/international crisis, that will turn out to have catastrophic ramifications for all of us. Trump is not that man!

It is too soon to know who the viable candidates will be to oppose Trump in the 2020 presidential campaign. I still hold out hope that someone will eventually stand out as a serious contender, who is a relative moderate/centrist, embodying most of what I consider to be the necessary attributes for success that I listed in the other thread dedicated to speculating who will compete against Trump. I truly hope that none of us have to "pinch our noses" when we vote November 2020....

It's not hypocritical rationalization in my opinion. Everyone has to weigh pros and cons. Would you vote for an SJW, intersectionality at all costs, socialist, redistributionist candidate who has a heart of gold if their political ideology was counter to everything you believe in over a candidate with questionable morality but who not only espouses a similar political ideology to your own but has also shown several instances of action promoting said ideology?

Edit: I agree when you're talking abt primaries and you think someone with a similar political ideology to your own and who also happens to not be a douche is an option then it's a no brainer.