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Contemplating it...

Have to say, Iím tempted.

Waiting on confirmation from BMW but the website indicates non-RFT versions will do 41 (via WLTP) which puts it into 8% BIK for 2020/21, basically around £120/month tax for a 40% tax payer (vs. £400-500 for a 330i). So all up from my fleet company I can get a circa £45k car for under £500/month ďall inĒ whether standard M Sport or M Sport Plus. No way you can get that with a private purchase.

Range on the new version is meant to be 15-20 miles more than the old one, new version of the 2.0i turbo engine will be more fuel efficient, car weighs less.

Most of the time I just potter around these days, even on the motorway sitting in the inside lane. If I want to boot it then 290 BHP is more effective than a Prius :-)

Letís face it, weíre at the start of the electric car revolution and V2 is going to be far from perfect but pending a drive in a 320d to check out suspension/wheel options/comfort I think Iím going to give it a try.

Will just have to order a roof box... ;-)