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Originally Posted by snusnu View Post
I have ordered one as my next company car

I currently drive Mondeo Hybrid (non-plug-in) which gives me... like 1-2 miles fully electric range and around 40 mpg with my daily commute (5 miles, mostly cold engine).

full tank gives like 350 - up to 400+ miles (max 45 litres in the tank). But it produces 180 bhp and is not the most agile car whatsoever.

If I would get much better range in electric only and at least similar range/mpg from the tank but with the availability of much more power and performance - I would be really happy man
Yeah, I ran a Merc 300h a few years back, kind of similar but with a diesel engine instead. I used to get low-mid 50's average and into high 60's on a long trip, fairly decent for something with 230BHP. Was terribly unreliably though, went through 2 hybrid batteries in <20k miles and lots of other things broke. I wouldn't buy another one...

Funnily I've also got a Mondeo at the moment as a private car, albeit the twin-turbo diesel (210BHP) version. I actually quite like it, looks very sharp (19" wheels, bodykit with blacked out grill, LED lights), quick enough, quiet, v comfortable, loads of space, bit plasticky inside and the adaptive cruise is poor. I get low-mid-50's out of that but have a 45 mile commute each way, mostly up/down the M4 pootling along in the inside lane. Again on a long motorway drive I can get into the low-mid-60's, quite impressive really for the size/performance combo. As a package it's not as far behind the German's as many people might think...

330e sounds ideal for your daily drive, should be near 100% electric. Maybe you will get 130MPG! :-) I'm assuming that I'd get about 25-30 miles on electric which should give a decent enough average MPG but for long journey's it will be lower than my Mondeo.

Turns out only the 330e SE on 17" wheels falls into the 8% BIK group, all others are 12% for 2020/21.

Do you have a delivery date and what spec did you go for?