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Excellent video! I'll add my thoughts from my brief test drive experience of both cars.

1. The C43 is very aggressive when it wants to be and quiets down when it doesn't (albeit a little too much). This is a beautiful thing in a way and reminds me greatly of both my E90 and E46's ability to be sporty and sharp one moment at 5000 RPM in third and quiet and civil the next at 1800 RPM in 6th.

2. However, Comfort in the C43's adaptive suspension is too soft for me. I suspect it will be too soft for any who prefer the 704 passive M suspension. And thanks to AMG's tuning, a purely passive suspension in the C43 feels crashy and hard. Therefore adaptive is more or less a necessity there if its a daily.

3. I still haven't driven the M340i even close to its abilities on dynamic roads I am familiar with, so can't comment there yet. It was clear to me that the BMW had a much more natural progression as you turned up the heat even slightly, where the C43 was either all on or all off. I liken it to settings 1, 2, and 3 in the BMW, and 1, 5, and 7 in the C43.

4. The C43 feels faster even when it isn't. The C43 is a lot of fun due to the sense of pantomime and theatre it gives, very much giving that special sauce that made the Audi B8 S4 so much more special than the B8 A4.

I actually found myself welcoming the conclusion that the M340i wasn't as outright aggressive but just as fast!

For those who are concerned at the conclusion that the M340i may not be as aggressive or as big a leap over the 330i, do recall that a little something called the M2 Competition exists at the same price point or less and offers the same or better aggression and sense of drama as the C43! When I thought about it like this, BMW's strategy became clear. Those who want the theatre at some expense of comfort will go straight for the M2C. I know I would if I didn't need a sensible family car

I think it is fair to say that the G20 is beginning to straddle the line between the 3-series and the older, more driver-friendly 5-series, like the E39 and E60. From that perspective, a more comfort focused car that can still dance makes sense.

Waiting for the M3 to see how much of what I said has basis in reality.
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