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I haven't driven the Merc or the Alfa, but my feelings on the M340 are extremely similar to yours.

The interior of the M340 is an improvement over the F30, but still feels very low rent, especially with the tetragonal trim. The soft touch material feels cheap, and the high/upright passenger side dashboard looks terrible. I also felt the door cards were lacking and the arm rest is too narrow

As far as driving, I was utterly bored by the 340. Its okay but nothing exciting...comfortable, refined quick, but not sporty enough to warrant a BMW badge, and not luxurious enough to be considered a luxury car.

I too was hoping the M340 would be more like the E90, but its simply not. Its an improvement over the F30 in dynamics, but its closer to the F30 in driver engagement than it is to the E90

I truly expected to like the M340 a lot better than my 2017 530, as I prefer something more athletic or fun, but I feel like the 340 gives up significant amounts of luxury and refinement over the 5 series, and doesn't really offer any additional driving enjoyment.