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Originally Posted by Mark Venture View Post
There was a post about a recall being done to meet environmental requirements. Environmental adjustments I would think usually equate to a negative effect on vehicle performance.
Two questions - I believe the posters who got a notification about this were Canada based. Has anyone in the US received an environmental recall notice?
And for anyone who has had this recall performed, did you notice a performance hit after it was done?
Mission Tuning posted that the first M340i's off the production line had ~400whp and based on their findings the latest updates lower the horsepower to closer to 338whp which matches with the advertised 382 hp at the crank.

You can read more about it, along with their custom tune here:

It sounds like the recall is related to fixing the horsepower down to the 338whp and probably in some way also has to do with emissions.

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