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Biased review. BMW is simply held to a higher standard than other cars in its class. Not to mention the comparison is baseless and without merit, largely subjective and based on false premise...

"The C-Class has a knockout interior"- subjective, I prefer streamlined BMW interior, Mercedes is too busy for my taste.

"The A4 feels the most tech-forward" - Not even clear what this means? "Feels more tech forward" - The BMW has better and more advanced tech than the Audi.

"The Giulia is a riot on the road" - this car does drive well.

"The S60 is a styling masterpiece" - really?? Subjective. I disagree.

"G70 has been praised as the best value"- if you can't afford or don't want to spend the money on a BMW, ok. But what about for those of us that do?

The fact that the review takes 5 vehicles and points out ONE alleged quality in each of those vehicles which "betters" the 3 series does not make the BMW any less compelling and does not make either of these vehicles better than the BMW. It's not as though there is one vehicle out there that bests the BMW in each of these areas.

Nonsense review, based off a nonsense premise!

Finally, I won't trust a review from someone who cannot do simple mathematics..


Exterior: 3
Interior: 3
Driving Experience: 3.5
Value: 2.5
Overall: 2.5???