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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
People on these forums tend to believe that they represent the larger buying market, but that is a misconception. The "enthusiast" is but a small percentage of the buying public, and if you take an honest look at how companies like BMW have shifted away from the raw, sporty, visceral driving experience, it's pretty clear. The general public wants what we've been getting; more premium, less sport. More automation, less engagement. More comfort, less firmness/road feedback. BMW and other companies have to change with the times. You're also correct about the general age demographic. Your average 3 Series driver is NOT some twenty-something. They are usually in the 30's and are working professionals.
Exactly, even though I typically rant and rave about BMW's decisions, I do see the logic behind them, especially since what they're currently doing is working as sales are for the first time in a few years, ahead of Mercedes, who's been beating BMW in sales since the end of the Bangle Era.
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