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Car magazines are so fickle. On one hand they pick and choose minor things to criticize because nobody wants to keep reading how the 3 series is back on top and untouchable. Then the very same magazine will write an article about how new 3 series is an unrivaled, amazing piece of engineering.

Competition is much more interesting and sells magazines and generates clicks. It's like when the same team wins the championship year after year and people lose interest in the sport.

Plus, BMW is held to such a high standard,(sometimes unfairly) that it gets to a point where we're not satisfied no matter how good of a product BMW delivers. And it's just not the car mags-Many of us on this forum are guilty of doing this as well. When i first test drove the G20 i was nitpicking every little thing about the car. But i have to stop comparing it the e46/e90 etc. BMW is trying to please every single demographic with this new car-moms, enthusiasts, daily drivers, solo commuters, families, luxury seekers, snobs, weekend drivers, etc. I think they have done an absolutely phenomenal job by literally pleasing everyone with this vehicle. It's a nearly perfect car for everyone. Most of the other competition, excels in 1 or 2 areas but doesn't offer this kind of complete package.

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