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Originally Posted by hellrotm View Post
So did he just confirm the next gen M2 will get the S58 from the start?

“We will have to see what would then make sense for a GT4 successor. That could be based on the M4, but it could also be based on the M2. Powertrain-wise, they are very similar."
I'm just guessing it could be a Z4 using the P65 situation.

The rules only specify that the engine be for sale on a car in the li line up so an M2 GT4 could use an S63 if they wanted and they could throw a B48 in the M2.

It make sense to use the M4 engine, the M2 vanilla was sort of an afterthought quick solution rather than planned. Since M2 has been ultra popular they hopefully will have a proper engine from the get go.

I'd really like to see their new high revving 4 cylinder with 500 hp and 40k mike shelf life personally. Would be unique and fun and good for the M2 to not be a fat small M4 next generation.