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Originally Posted by The Outrage View Post
Noise is a side effect of semi-metallic brake pads. Typically, the more aggressive the pads, the higher the noise level. Do you have the Cooling and High Performance Tire Package? It's possible that the pad compound is more aggressive with that package.
Yes, I have the cooling and High-Performance tire package, but I don't think it has anything to do with that. It's near impossible to stop smoothly and silently, especially when I have Auto H, and the Auto engine on/off activated in traffic. Right before I come to a complete stop, the brakes grab too early, and then the engine cuts off, which makes the car stop abruptly and causes the suspension to titer forward and back and when I come out of a stop, the brake doesn't release early enough, and I get nasty rubbing/clunking noise.
It's still happening, and the dealer continues to say its normal, and are too cheap to inspect it.

The worst part is I am a musician and part-time audio engineer and the sound bugs the crap out of me every time. At some point, I will record the issue with some pro mics and share the issue with you all. I'm sure this is a problem only I am facing, the M340i is an excellent car, but just the one I have has some lemon brakes or something. I am already looking forward to exchanging it when the new M3 comes out. I'm sure it won't have the same issues.