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Originally Posted by AlpineWhite_SJ View Post
Opus is a label buy, I agree thereís a lot better wines out there for that price range and even less.

Wines over $300 may not be worth it to a lot of people, but it is to some. You can actually make decent money with wine as an investment. Those $1k+ bottle were far less than that when they were released. 2000 Mouton-Rothschild has appreciated something like 600% since itís release.

Much like any other luxury item, itís brand, quality, difficulty to acquire and scarcity that drive the prices.
I have always been into enjoying these fine wine instead of considering them as investment, just like watches to some people.

As in any investment, it takes a lot of learning, luck, and timing to be successful and it is just not for me when it comes to wine. I would rather buy and enjoy them.

Cheers to 2020.